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sword and sorcery and pulp fiction community

swordandsorcery is a community for discussion of the sword & sorcery sub-genre of fantasy literature. It’s not for discussion of role-playing games or other kinds of games. You can discuss sword & sorcery written during the pulp era, or stuff written by more recent writers. You can also discuss other genres of pulp and popular fiction such as swashbuckling tales of adventure and sword & planet stories.

If you like Robert E. Howard’s stories, or Fritz Leiber’s tales of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, or C. L. Moore’s Jirel of Joiry stories, or Michael Moorcock’s Elric books, or Karl Edward Wagner’s Kane stories, or pulp fiction in general, this is the place for you. We’ll also be discussing sword & sorcery in movies and TV (such as Xena). Some historical fiction will also come within our orbit.

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